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Davy Crockett Gets Hitched (Holiday House, 2009) is a
delightful folktale retold by Bobbi Miller and illustrated by Megan Lloyd. It’s
full of marvelous images (“The moon was so full of itself, it was skipping
across the sky in time to the tune”), words and phrases that bring the frontier
alive (sit a spell, vittles, bodacious), and enough exaggeration to make a
reader hoot and holler! When in “sashayed the splendiferous Miss Sally Ann” to
dance with Davy as three fiddlers “plink, plink, plink,” things get even more
hilarious. Does Davy stand a chance at winning her hand with “handsome and the
not-so-handsome boys” vying for her attention? Best for ages three to ten,
though all ages will love the rhythm of the language and the spirited
illustrations. You can find out more at
Bobbi Miller’s Web site, Megan Lloyd’s site, or Holiday House.

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