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Poetic Inspiration from Charles Ghigna

This simple, sweet book is a great gift for any writer and, really, any reader. Dear Poet is not a long, formal instruction manual on writing (which can be a turn-off), but is instead a glimpse into the creative life. With short, memorable pieces, Charles offers advice, defines what a poem can be, and provides thought-provoking words of wisdom based on his many years as a poet. While it’s perfect for someone just beginning the creative adventure, it also serves as inspiration for those who need reminding as to the powerful effect artists have on the way we see the world and why it’s so important that we continue to add our voices.

“The path / to inspiration starts / upon a trail unknown. // Each writer’s block / is not a rock. / It is a stepping stone.” © 2019 Charles Ghigna, Dear Poet: Notes to a Young WriterPrint

Published by Wipf and Stock

One comment on “Poetic Inspiration from Charles Ghigna

  1. Thanks, Donna. I’m honored to have this book in your hands — and grateful for your thoughtful review. So glad you enjoyed it!

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